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Do you want to know what is necessary for one to know with regards to a personal computer? Then look no further, as in this post we shall be sharing with you everything that you need to know with regards to that.

In this article, we shall be looking at the general view of what a personal computer is all about. Most times people tend to have a conflicting idea about what it is all about, but we shall try to demystify any issue that arises from it.

Aside from looking at what it is all about, we shall also be looking at the features which are inherent in its usage. Also, we shall be looking at other important features like the software being used, and types or prestigious companies that deal with them.

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Before we go ahead and look at what you need to know about personal computer, let us have a look at what it is all about in the first. This would help us have an unbiased point of view about the subject.

The device, which is fondly called PC (that is, personal computer), is a device that carries out various computing functions, and owing to its size, its economic value, and what it can accomplish, it is hurriedly available to individuals for personal use.

The idea behind the development of this device is that it puts to end the age-long practice that only a computer engineer or technician can operate it, as it is directly developed to be operated by an end-user.

Still, on the age-long practice, the introduction of this device has put to end the practice which had many people operating large, expensive mainframe and minicomputers, as this device requires only a single individual to operate.

Unlike in the 1960s where the owners of computers, whether in an institutional space or corporate space, had to go through the process of writing the program they wish to use to work on the machine, this is not the case with this device.

The users of this device can also develop the software they may require to use on their various devices, irrespective of the fact that provisions have already been made by manufacturers of the device who have provided this freeware on the device.

Owing to the fact that manufacturers already pre-install all relevant freeware on the device, this has made it possible for users to no longer have to go through the rigorous process of having to write their own programs before they use it.

This is a sharp and precise contrast from the usual method of having to write your own program before you perform any task which was quite a rigorous method. Irrespective of comfort, you can still write your own unique programs on the device.

The ability to write a program on this device cannot be performed, unfortunately, on mobile devices. This is the case because aside from the fact that the freeware is already pre-installed, most manufacturers do not allow that on the device.

As far back as in the early days of the 1990s, the manufacturing and production of personal computers have always been carried out by Microsoft operating systems and Intel hardware.

Other companies that carry out the production and manufacturing of this product are actually minority shareholders in Microsoft. These companies include Apple-owned macOS and Linux.

With the advent and growth of personal computer, the lives of people over the ages since its inception has been greatly improved. People have been able to access various activities, thanks to the presence of this device in their lives.

Aside from look at what you need to know about personal computer, you have to also look at the types of device which will make your understanding of the device complete. Below, we shall be looking at the types of the device.

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What You Need To Know About Personal Computer - www.microsoft.com

In the understanding of what you need to know about personal computer, it is important that you look at the types of the device which is really important and essential to understanding the device.

The types of the device are grouped into two based on its usage and nature. The types are Statutory and Portable. From their classification, you can now figure out what each type is all about.

Under each type of the device, there are other devices that are unique to that particular type or class. Owing to this, we shall be looking at the various devices associated with which class or type.


  1. Workstation. This is the type of personal computer that is purely produced or manufactured as a high-end device, purely to be used for technical, scientific or mathematical applications or usage. This device is usually meant to be used by one person at a particular time, and they are connected mostly to local area network, which is the type of network confined within a particular area like residence, school and so on. The device also runs a multi-user operating system, making it possible for more than one user to use the system simultaneously. The device can be used for designs required by the computer, computing-intensive mathematical and scientific or engineering calculations, and so on.
  2. Desktop Computer. This type of device is the usual computer device that is visible in most corporate establishments. It is similar to the workstation in the sense that both of them can be used by one person at a time, and that they both carry out computing or calculative functions. The difference is that the desktop does every other thing the workstation does…and much more. It basically helps you handle all basic computer-related issues or problems.


  1. Laptop. This is similar to the desktop computer. They are similar because they both perform the same functions. The only difference lies in the nature and structure of both of them. While the desktop computer relies on various other independent devices like the mouse, CPU, and UPS and other devices to function, the laptop has been manufactured in such a way that all these devices are incorporated in it, and at the same time, it is not stationary like the desktop computer which is that way because of the structure. The laptop is quite portable as the name implies, it can be easily placed on your lap, which speaks of its portability and ease of usage.
  2. Mobile Phones. Other devices like mobile phones are portable, and can actually perform the functions of both the workstation and desktop computer combined. This is really remarkable, as it has shown massive growth in technology over the years.

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