How to get more twitter followers –

Are you wondering how to get more Twitter followers for your account? Then look no further, as we shall be showing you simple ways of getting more followers on your account.

In this article, we shall first and foremost be looking at the structure of the social media platform, as well as its inherent benefits. We shall also be looking at how you can successfully create your account.

Finally, we shall be looking at the various ways which you can successfully and easily follow in order to get more followers than you already have on your account.


How to get more twitter followers -

Before we go ahead to look at the various ways of how you can get more followers for your Twitter account, let us look at the social media platform, its benefits, and how to successfully create an account.

The platform, which is an American-owned, internet social media space, affords users the rare and priceless opportunities to bridge the gap occasioned by geographically distances and communicate.

By way of making posts dubbed “tweets”, registered users can replay to them, and by “retweet”, these messages or posts can also appear on the timeline of the registered user as posts or messages.

Aside from registered users, users who have not been registered on the social media platform can actually see the tweets through the official website of the platform, app, and so on, but cannot react to it.

Based officially in San Francisco, California, the platform has over 20 corporate buildings stationed strategically around the world. It was created by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass.

Initially, the platform allowed tweets to have an overall character of 140, and 280 characters for languages that are not Chinese, Japanese, and Korea as late-2017. Video and audio tweets’ durations are limited though, depending on the account.

Launched in July 2006, the platform has grown over time to much global acclaim. It recorded over three hundred million tweets in a day, across over a hundred million users’ accounts.

Dubbed the internet’s SMS, the social media platform, as of 2013, was named among the top ten of the most visited websites in the whole world, with over three hundred and twenty million users per month as of 2018.

With a social media platform such as this comes a plethora of benefits associated with the platform that makes it attractive to non-users, and acts as a source of satisfaction for users. Some of the benefits include:

Benefits of a Twitter account

  • Communication. With the internet has turned the world into a global village, it is amazing that people across various locations can meet together on the platform and interact conveniently as though they are within the same vicinity. Communication is not a barrier on the platform as people can conveniently interact without any form of hindrances.
  • Meeting new people. The platform affords you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, across various professions and disciplines. The importance of meeting new people cannot be overemphasized, as it can lead to great financial benefits, personal growth and development, and so on. So, Twitter affords you the opportunity to get this going for yourself.
  • Information. The concept of information has changed over the years, with the focus turning to the internet these days. Owing to this, social media platforms have maximized this to allow follow of instant information on their respective platforms. Twitter is not different, as you can easily check out what is happening in your region through the Trending section. You can also follow various news outlets on the platform to get the information you need, whenever you need it.
  • Business Promotion. With Twitter, you can easily promote your business and reach a wider audience, than most social media platforms out there. With the right ways, you can easily market your products without much stress. We shall be discussing this extensively in a short time.
  • Outreach. With over 300 million users on the platform, reaching out to a wider audience about certain issues and topics is not a problem. With a single or series of tweets about the issue or complaints, or piece of information you wish to convey, you can easily get your message across to various persons, through using the various trending topics (we shall discuss this later).
  • Research. With the hashtags of the various topics you are looking to research, you can have access to a plethora of materials and links to the URL of such materials that you intend to research on. It is important to use these hashtags when researching a particular topic because it narrows the bandwidth of the search around the word or topic you wish to research.

After we have seen the benefits of Twitter, you can easily join in and enjoy these benefits too by simply creating an account on the platform. To create a Twitter account, kindly follow the instructions below:

How to create a Twitter account

  • Quickly go to the social media platform official website by simply clicking here
  • When you get to the homepage, click on Sign up
  • On the signup page, you will be asked to enter your name (which is ordinarily not your real name, but a nickname or sobriquet)
  • You will also be asked to enter your email address. After entering your email address, a confirmation link will be sent to your email address to verify your identity.
  • After this, you will be asked to create a password for your account’s security. It is important for you to create a unique password that would protect your account from malware attacks. It is advised that in choosing your password, kindly mix letters with numbers and symbols in coining your password.
  • After this, you can now successfully click on Create Account to finally create your account. Ensure that you update your profile with a simple bio description of yourself; also update your profile picture with a current photo of yourself, and also include your location. This is to enable your friends to find you easily, and for you to easily have a conversation or interaction with users on the platform.

Getting followers for your Twitter account may not be as difficult as it seems. When you have successfully created your account, Twitter would match you to other followers who would follow your account.

How to get more twitter followers -

However, if you are looking for that massive number of followers that would help you attract massive benefits that comes with accounts with large followers, then you have to put in the work in seeing it through.

Like we earlier stated, it is very easy to get more followers on Twitter, however, you have to put in extra work in making sure that this happens. The steps to follow includes:

  • Stay Active. An active account will receive a much active amount of followers, more than users who are not active. Being active is not just about staying online and going through the timeline. It involves you retweeting posts, making posts, liking and commenting on posts. When you do this every day, it is only a matter of time before you start getting all the followers you wished for.
  • Follow back followers. This means you have to ‘follow’ accounts of people who ‘follow’ you on the social media platform. This would interest other users, as they too would love to follow your account so that they would receive the same reciprocatory action. In time, you would end having a huge amount of followers too.
  • Use trending topics. When you make posts on Twitter, attach the possibly the first 5 current trending topics on your post. The reason for this is so that the algorithm will rank your post higher when anyone goes through the trends. If you do this every day, people will get to see you on all trending lists, and you would end up getting more followers because you have presented yourself as an active user.
  • Run Incentives. You can carry out various incentives from time to time that would end up boosting your account. People love gifts, especially when it costs them nothing. So, you can carry out cash or product giveaways once in a while, and you can add that criteria that must be fulfilled would include you being followed before anyone stood a chance at winning the cash or product. The same goes for online contests. You can advise interested contestants that they must be your followers before they can contest for the price you are going to offer. These incentives should be carried from time, as it would help you get more organic followers
  • Analyze your tweets. Twitter has an option below every tweet or reply or retweeted post which allows you to analyze the post by showing you the number of views, number of engagements and so on. There are also options for you to analyze your whole account, and see the number of engagements you are getting so far. The benefit of this is that it shows you how well or bad that you are doing. If you are doing well, it is advised that you keep doing what you are doing. If you are not making huge numbers, then maybe you have to work harder or try a different perspective.

Thank you for going through this article on how to get more Twitter followers, we hope you found it helpful. Kindly leave a comment for us in the comment section about any question, and we will get back to you.

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